Welcome to Curie’s documentation!

Curie is a python toolkit to aid in the analysis of experimental nuclear data. Its name is inspired by Marie Curie, who developed the theory of radioactivity.

The primary application for Curie is (gamma-ray) activation analysis, with specific utilities developed for the charged-particle stacked-target activation technique. Curie also comes with access to a number of nuclear structure, and nuclear reactions databases. It also has methods for accessing atomic properties, such as attenuation coefficients and charged particle stopping powers.


Curie’s features are primarily class based. Here are a few examples:

  • Spectrum - Peak fitting for HPGe detector data

  • Calibration - Energy & efficiency calibration tool (for HPGe detectors)

  • Stack - Stacked-target energy loss characterization

  • DecayChain - General purpose Bateman equation solver

  • Isotope - Isotopic mass and decay data

  • Reaction - Cross sections from multiple libraries

  • Library - Tool for searching and retrieving cross sections from multiple libraries